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Scam rip off

I have been trying to get this cancel for five months and I did the whole $1 to try it and can cancel any time BS!! I have been charged every month and I have done everything you need to get cancel and dispute unauthorized charger.. BEWARE OF THIS BEFORE YOU DECIDE ON GETTING THIS HOPEFULLY YOU WILL NOT BE LIKE ME AND FIVE MONTHS LATER STILL TRYING TO NOT BE CHARGED

Excited nana

LOVE IT !!!!!

ABC Mouse Rocks!!

We just love everything about this program. Both my children are ahead in their education because of all the different kinds of activities. Thank you so much. I recommend this to all families!!!

A Must Have

Starting to use this program with my 2-year-old daughter, and she loves everything about it. More importantly, shes starting to use some of it in her daily life, like counting and singing. Worth every penny, thank you!

Good content slow ap

I love the content but the ap keeps freezing and is slow

Awesome app

Great, fun app that has helped both of my children to learn new information.

Not worth it

This app takes entirely too long too load on my brand new iPad Air! It loads perfectly but the iPad is for my daughter and the iPhone is mine! Im so disappointed!!!! She loves it when playing on my phone but I cant let her have my phone as long as she wants to be on the app. Ill be looking for a great learning app.

Magnificent Educational Tool

Toddler loves playing this app that she cant wait to use it everyday.

He is reading.

I am super satisfied with ABC mouse. My four year old is reading sight words and adding numbers. It is something we do four days a week for about an hour or two together.

Could be great

This app could be great if it didnt freeze all the time or take ages to load a simple coloring page or puzzle... how do you expect a young child to have patience for this?? My son was super excited for this app and I downloaded it onto his brand new tablet and it is extremely slow and constantly freezing. I had to put it in my phone and it is still slow and freezing and now it is harder to do things on a small phone compared to a tablet..... its a lot of money for something that doesnt work majority of the time....

issa scam

Its a very smart scam, Ill admit. They sign up with pop up companies and download websites to make you sign up for this service among many others (which no one is actually interested in but you want your download) then they make you enter billing information for a trial in hopes that you wont actually cancel your subscription before it ends so they can make a few dollars off of you.

We love this app!

This is the best learning app we have purchased for our daughter. She loves the puzzles and it really is helping us get her prepared for school. We do have troubles with things loading sometimes or freezing, but 90% of the time it works great.

Does not work

A total rip off

Best app I have my kids

ABC mouse has been phenomenal for my family. I have to look girls that have used this app for over two years now and my girls absolutely love it. It does require some parent supervision as my children love to go into the store and spent dollar tickets and rearrange the room. If I were to let them they would not do any of their learning path. We have just recently gotten my oldest understand that by doing her learning path she earns money to spend in her room and therefore she can buy more things but until that understanding came we had to use the bargaining system. If you do to learning paths you can get 15 minutes in your room type of deal. Hope this helps definitely recommend the download!

A pain to get rid of your subscription

They let you sign up easy but its a pain to get rid of it on your iPhone. Never again!

Hit or Miss

Some days the app is great; others, it takes forever to load a puzzle, like another reviewer said. My daughter seems to enjoy it, but with her ADHD tends to lose interest if the app freezes up - which is frequent. Download at your own risk.

Great app!

Useful tool for kids to learn on the go. Easy to use and fun for all ages.

App doesnt work

This app is slow and constantly freezes. $60 for a horrible experience. Neither me nor my 4 year old have the patience to wait several minutes for a simple puzzle to load. I will be canceling. I had high hopes for the content but the advertising is deceptive to the extent it shows the ability to seamlessly use the app. UPDATE: Support is horrible. You submit a request and at some later date you get a cryptic email response. You click on a link to see the brief one line response. I was told to update IOS. I followed the advice and it did not work. You could spend weeks figuring this out. Where is support?




My son loves abc mouse he gets so into it starting to recognize letters and singing songs he is 3 and his nieces and nephews love to watch him and play on it themselves

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